• 主演:Connie,Nielsen,Lars,Mikkelsen,Simon,Larsen
  • 导演:Vibeke,Muasya
Completely shocked, Lisa storms out of the hotel and catches the very next bus to the airport, still wearing her wedding dress. She boards the correct bus, but one going in the wrong direction. On top of that, Lisa meets her former fiancé Vic on the bus.Vic is working as a courier for Toanga, a ruthless diamond mine owner, and is now on the run from crooks that want to kill him and steal the suitcase of diamonds he has been transporting. Unknown to his pursuers, Vic had thrown the precious suitcase into a gorge during his escape.The very last person that he could imagine to see was Lisa, who now turns his already bad day into a complete disaster. Lisa had literally left Vic alone at the altar, and the two still harbor mixed and chaotic emotions for each other. To add insult to injury, when the bus breaks down Lisa locks herself to Vic’s handcuffs so he cannot leave her behind in the jungle.An adventurous journey through the remote African wilderness begins. Then Vic learns that his abandoned suitcase contains not ordinary diamonds as he had thought, but the priceless “Mist of Namanga”.According to legend, this magnificent jewel shall lead the tribes of Namanga into a better future. Barely escaping a series of close calls and forced to deal with one catastrophe after another, the two continue to hunt for the legendary “Mist of Namanga” – but if they hope to survive they must first overcome their differences and work together as a team…